What is ISO 41001:2018 and How it can Benefit your Business?

ISO 41001

An Introduction to ISO 41001:2018

ISO 41001:2018 is the world’s first Facilities Management Standard, developed and published by the International Organizational Standards (ISO). Released in April 2018, the standard intends to improve the level of effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of facility management services. The key focus of ISO 41001:2018 is to build, implement, maintain, and improve an integrated facility management system in organizations so that business operations can be carried out effortlessly.

ISO 41001:2018 was released after the release of the following set of documents related to Facilities Management, which were published between April – July 2017.

ISO 41011:2017 Facility Management – Defines the terms used in Facility Management Standards,

ISO 41012:2017 Facility Management – Provides guidance on the sourcing process and development of agreements for Facility Management,

ISO/TR 41013:2017 Facility Management –  Covers scope and benefits of the standard. 

Standard 41001:2018 was developed and published by the ISO Technical Committee (ISO/TC) 267. While constructing the standard, the committee took important elements from the En 15221, the European Standard for Facility Management published by BSI (the British Standards Institute). ISO 41001:2018 has not replaced the En 15221 Standard. It has only been re-formed from a management frame of view. 

What is Facility Management?

The global competitive environment calls for an organization to have a solid consolidation of people, place, process, and technology. Facility management, considered to be the backbone of the company, is an organizational function that facilitates business operations by integrating people, place, process, and technology. It supports an organization in improving the quality of life of the workforce and increasing the level of productivity of its core business operations.

Facility management services support the workforce and workplace of a company to function effectively. The services include  HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), technical infrastructure, transportation, furniture, cleanliness, buildings, real estate. It includes maintaining equipment, catering, security, etcetera. 

Why Facility Management System is Important?

Facilities management is a professional discipline that is connected with and crucial for a wide range of fields like financial, environmental, research and development, production, distribution, etcetera. An organization that has an objective to boost its operational efficiency, an integrated facilities management is very crucial. 

Facilities management ensures the functionality of the production process and higher productivity. 

It is accountable for the maintenance of business assets. 

It is responsible to ensure the health, safety, and productivity of the workforce. 

FM is also responsible for the impact business operations have on the internal as well as external environment.

Thus, the importance of strong facilities management is inevitable.

Aim of ISO 41001:2018

ISO 41001:2018 standard incorporates Facility Management. The objectives of the standard are:

To provide an understanding of Facility Management 

To increase awareness regarding the importance and advantages of the facilities management system.

To enhance the adaptation and implementation of an integrated FM system across all industries and sectors worldwide. 

To create a common global structure and a standardized approach to Facilities Management. To form a common basis for organizations, especially FM services companies, to assess and measure facilities management services. 

Scope of ISO 41001:2018

ISO 41001:2018, developed by the ISO is applied to every organization, irrespective of its type, scale, nature, or geographic location. Whether it is a small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale company, the standard is relevant to all. It is a non-sector specific standard and thus, applicable to all public and private sector companies. 

Key Benefits of ISO 41001:2018

ISO 41001:2018 for Facility Management provides long-term benefits to companies. 

The standard acts as a tool for companies to demonstrate to the customers and stakeholders the establishment of a well-built facility management system in the organization.

The implementation of ISO 41001:2018 is helpful in boosting the marketability and credibility of the company.

The standard puts forth guidelines to establish an integrated facility management system.

It helps in attaining cost-effective operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

ISO 41001:2018 increases workforce productivity and builds stronger communication across departments, clients, and stakeholders.

The standard helps in upgrading the service delivery of companies. 

It provides support to the companies in achieving sustainability in this highly competitive business world. An ISO 41001:2018 certified company will always have a competitive edge over a non-certified company. 

Obtaining ISO 41001:2018 from a certification body will help businesses, especially an FM services company to meet all the organizational requirements. The quality standard will provide aid in the operational, economic, and social success of the company. Therefore, having theoretical knowledge of ISO 41001:2018 will not be enough. You must have the training with regard to the attainment, implementation, and maintenance of the Facilities Management standard. 

We will soon be up with our next blog covering a broader frame of ISO 41001:2018 and an understanding of the process through which you can obtain ISO 41001:2018 certification.

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